Le Husk Soothing Bean Sprout Husk Pillow

Bean sprout husk pillows have been used for centuries in many Asian countries. They are traditionally made by grandparents and parents in South East Asia to comfort their newly born baby.

The Difference

Conventional Pillow VS Soothing Bean Sprout Husk Pillow
  • Conventional pillows are too light in weight to provide a calming effect. 
  • Due to the lightweight and puffy nature of conventional stuffed pillow, they tend to roll off easily.
  • Conventional pillows are too light in weight to be notice while asleep hence it is difficult to mimic the mother’s hug.  


To fully utilise the pillow, we advise mommies to sleep with the pillow for at least a week to scent the pillow so that the baby will recognise the mommy’s scent. This is especially useful for our traveller size.

Why are there 3 different pillow sizes and a bolster for?

We provide 3 sizes and a bolster for specific purposes as shown below:
Soothing The Little One

Wrap lightly around the chest/tummy area where the weight of the bean sprout husk should rest at both sides (two ends of the pillow).

Hence, large size is recommended. The pillow is half to 70% filled with bean sprout husk.

A Childhood Keepsake

Toddler will love to carry their pillow around after they learnt to walk.

A great keepsake for the toddler or what we called "压惊枕" (Soothing Pillow) or chouchou (Smelly) scented pillow.

Feeling Safe & Calming

We make it small and compact for travelling. In strollers or in car.

Place pillow on the baby's bed to allow pillow to be "scented" when not in use. This allows the baby to recognize the scent.

Made For The Side Sleeper

Filled up to 85% full to provide the Side Sleeper the support needed.

It gives the sense of calmness by hugging it.


Comparison between Le Husk and Others

To be the market’s best seller, we work closely with groups of mothers- including our customers over the years, constantly refining our product to best suit the baby.

  • First to use a zipper inner case to provide better usability.
  • Only high thread count fabric will be used.
  • Labour intensive traditional cleaning and sorting methods with UVGI sterilization process to ensure highest quality of bean sprout husk produced.
  • Optimal weight for each specific size to suit their purpose.
  • 3 pillow size for very specific purpose and 1 bolster size for the side sleeper.
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