Our Story

The farm was featured on The Straits Times
Hi, my name is Eugene. I’m so glad that you are reading our story. Le Husk begins many years back when I visited one of the oldest bean sprout agriculture farms in Singapore which belongs to a friend of mine. I was astonished to see an elderly couple, who are the founders of the farm, in the process of making bean sprout husk pillow.

It brings back lots of my childhood memories of having the pillow made by my grandmother. Some of you who might not know, bean sprout husk pillows have been used for generations and are traditionally made by grandparents and parents in South East Asia to comfort newborn babies.

Some people call it 臭臭 (chòu-chòu) in Chinese or Bantal Busuk in malay, meaning “smelly pillow”, as babies (even some adults 😂) recognise the special scent that “uniquely” belongs to them. I shared with my family and friends that such traditional pillows still exist and someone is still making them. The news spread and I realised there is a demand.
Wanting to continue this tradition, I gained help and support from the farm. Le Husk started its first journey into deep research on improving the cleaning process and improvising with modern technology to keep the highest quality of the husk consistently.
In no time, I gathered a team and started our push cart sales in malls and random pop-up stores around Singapore.
After gathering a lot of precious feedback from our customer, our team started working on improving the designs and functionalities of the pillow. Very soon, we created a wide range of products made with 100% natural bean sprout husk which received great response. From then on, we listen very carefully to what our customers want and improve our products continuously.

Our Mission

“Continuing this traditional invention with traditional methods from our grandparents” reinvented with “Modern Technologies” to produce and maintain the highest quality of bean sprouts husk products. We believe customer perceived quality and above-average customer service have proven to be our success. 

Featured on The Straits Times Newspaper, Saturday 23rd July 2016.

Le Husk participated a charity program on mediacorp channel 8 Hearts And Hugs 爱心72小时 - EP13