Anti-Flat Head Nordic Animals Pillowcase Bundle
Anti-Flat Head Nordic Animals Pillowcase Bundle
Anti-Flat Head Nordic Animals Pillowcase Bundle
Anti-Flat Head Nordic Animals Pillowcase Bundle
Anti-Flat Head Nordic Animals Pillowcase Bundle
Anti-Flat Head Nordic Animals Pillowcase Bundle
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    Anti-Flat Head Nordic Animals Pillowcase Bundle

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    Best selling beansprout husk pillow in the market! Scroll down for more info:

    • 1 x Husk pillow with zipper inner-case.
    • 1 x Bamboo fabric zipper comfort case
    • 1 x Nordic animals(default design) pillow case
    • 1 x Your selected design pillow case
    • Nordic animals (Yellow) fabric is made with 100% premium quality cotton sateen which is super soft and silky smooth. 
    • Other design is made with 100% cotton.

    Select additional pillowcase design.

    Read below description for more information.

    Le Husk Anti Flat Head Pillow provide the most natural anti flat head support to prevent and correct against Flat Head Syndrome in the market. 

    Unlike the usual concave shaped pillow on the market where the concave part and the length of neck area is fixed. Le Husk anti flat head pillow is able to fit all babies' neck to head area in the most natural way.

    Le husk Anti Flat Head Pillow comes with an additional inner casing made with bamboo fabric to provides extra comfort.

    The Beansprout husk is encased in an inner case with zipper. This separation allows you to easily add or remove the amount of husk to suit your baby and also to remove the bamboo case for washing.

    Advantages of Le Husk Anti Flat Head Pillow:
    • Proven by many from south east asia countries.
    • Easily adjustable to suit all babies neck and head support.
    • Hand Cradle - No weird concave shape that your baby may feel uncomfortable.
    • Redistributes and relieve pressure on your baby's neck and head. 
    • Provide constant cooling ventilation.
    • Extra Comfort - Soft Bamboo inner casing that provides extra comfort.
    • Easily Washable - All our inner casing including the bamboo casing comes with zip which allows easy removal for washing. 
    • Lightweight & Versatile - Great for travel, even for adult as a small pillow.


    High-tech cleaning and sterilising process of Le Husk beansprout husk.

    You can also buy our Beansprout husk refill separately here. 

    Pillow Size: 22cm x 32cm

    Product measurement may varies up to 2 cm.

    Pillow Net weight with bamboo case: 300 gm +/- (Gross Weight: 345gm) 

    Proudly made in Singapore

    100% Handmade.

    *Photos are for illustrative purposes only and may differ slightly from the actual product.


    Please select the desired pillow/bolster option or just the case option then select the size. If item is out of stock, the size will be strikethrough.

    All package comes in a retail pack which includes:

    Pillow/Bolster option:

    • 1 x Husk Filled Pillow/Bolster (with zipper)
    • 1 x Pillow case

    Pillow/Bolster CASE option:

    • 1 x Pillow/Bolster case only

    Anti Flat Head (ATFH) Pillow option:

    • 1 x Husk Filled Pillow (with zipper)
    • 1 x Bamboo Fabric Comfort case (with zipper)
    • 1 x ATFH Pillow case

    Anti Flat Head (ATFH) Pillow CASE option:

    • 1 x ATFH Pillow case only

    100% Handmade, Product of Singapore. 

    Pillow & Bolster Size Guide
    Pillow & Bolster's weight and measurements are designed for 4 different usage:
    • LARGE Size for Newborn :6' x 19' (15cm x 48cm) Net Weight: 270g

    • MEDIUM Size for Toddler : 6' x 14' (15cm x 36cm) Net Weight: 180g
    • SMALL Size for Travelling : 5' x 11'  (13cm x 29cm) Net Weight: 120g

    • BOLSTER for The Side Sleeper : 18' x 3.5'ø  (46cm x 8.5cmø) Net Weight: 325g

    • ATFH to help in preventing and correcting against Flat Head Syndrome8.66' x 12.6' (22cm x 32cm) Net weight: 300g 
    Baby Pillow
    Baby Bolster
    Anti-Flathead Pillow (ATFH)

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