Pearhead Babyprints 3D Memory Kit
Pearhead Babyprints 3D Memory Kit
Pearhead Babyprints 3D Memory Kit
Pearhead Babyprints 3D Memory Kit
Pearhead Babyprints 3D Memory Kit
Pearhead Babyprints 3D Memory Kit
Pearhead Babyprints 3D Memory Kit
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    Pearhead Babyprints 3D Memory Kit

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    Comes with:

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    Wrapped with imported designer wrapping paper and a mini gift card.

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    Product information:

    Celebrate the arrival of your adorable bundle of joy with Pearhead’s Babyprints 3D Memory Kit. 

    This classic white, wooden shadowbox frame includes everything you need to make your baby’s 3d prints. Simply follow the instructions carefully and you’ll have a mold of your baby’s prints! The frame includes everything you need to make their 3d prints and it’s 100% non-toxic. 



    Mold Guide:

    1. First use the mixing container included to mix the alginate power with water, then quickly submerge baby’s hand or foot in the mixture.

    2. The mixture should be a pink/purple color. Gently remove baby’s hand or foot after being fully submerged for 1-2 minutes.

    3. Their foot will release with ease after wiggling the mold away from them. Once your mold is created, pour the casting powder into water and mix to a creamy consistency, then pour the mixture into the mold.

    4. Leave this to dry for 10 hours. After the cast is dry, use scissors to remove it from the mold and let dry 2 more days.

    5. Have fun decorating the casts with the silver and gold paint included or simply leave white!

    6. After it’s completely dry, you can use the glue to adhere your casts to the background mat. The process should take a total of 3 days and then you will be able to cherish your baby’s 3d prints forever!

    7. Once you’ve finished with the prints, have fun adding in two of your favorite 7.62 x 10.16 cm photos. This shadowbox frame includes a sawtooth hanger and easel, so you can easily hang in your baby’s nursery or place on any table.

    This kit makes for the perfect gift. As new parents will always want to remember the little baby’s prints. Cherish those memories forever with Pearhead’s Babyprints 3D Memory Kit. 

    • Pearhead’s Babyprints 3D Memory Kit is the perfect keepsake for new parents
    • Everything included to make baby’s adorable 3D prints; alginate powder pack for creating mold, casting powder pack for casting mold, 2 mixing sticks, paintbrush, glue, silver and gold paint, and 4 plastic mixing cups
    • The frame also includes a gray and white reversible background board, an acid free beveled mat, and an easel and sawtooth hanger
    • Simply follow the instructions included to create your baby’s 3d prints; takes a total of 3 days to allow the cast and glue to dry
    • Photo inserts:7.62 x 10.16 (cm)
    • White, shadowbox frame
    • 100% baby safe
    • Wood and standard glass
    • Age: NB to 12 months
    • Product size: 25.4 w x 25.4 h x 5.52 d (cm)
    • Package box: 40.64 x 27.94 (cm)


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