Le Husk Bean Sprout Husk Baby Pillow - Numbers in Brown Baby Pillow,Pillow / Small
Numbers in Brown Baby Pillow
Le Husk Bean Sprout Husk Baby Pillow - Numbers in Brown Baby Pillow,Pillow Case Only / Small
Numbers in Brown Baby Pillow
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    Numbers in Brown Baby Pillow

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    Benefits of the Beansprout Husk Baby Pillow & Bolster
    • Provides comfort and security to baby by simulating the touch of a mother’s hug when placed over the chest and tummy area.
    • Calm babies against sudden movements or noises.
    • Lightweight and versatile for use while asleep or travelling. 
    • Amount of husk can be easily add or remove from inner-case.

    For newborn baby, the pillow is suppose to wrap lightly around the chest/tummy area where the weight of the beansprout husk should rest at both sides(2 end of the pillow). The pillow should be half to 70% filled with beansprout husk.


    Baby pillow are filled with 100% natural beansprout husk.

    100% Handmade. 

      Please choose your desire size:

      Pillow weight and measurement are design for 3 different usage:

    • LARGE Size for Newborn : 6” x 18” (15cm x 47cm) Net Weight: 270g
    • For home use while sleeping, Lay around baby's chest or tummy.

    • MEDIUM Size for Toddler : 6” x 14” (15cm x 36cm) Net Weight: 180g
    • A childhood keepsake. Toddler will start to walk and they will love to carry their pillow around. The medium size is just right.
    • SMALL Size for Travelling : 5’ x 11”  (13cm x 29cm) Net Weight: 120g
    • We make it small and compact for travelling purpose. Especially suitable for use on stroller or in car. It is recommended to place the small pillow on the baby’s bed or anywhere which allow the pillow to be “scented” when not in use. This is to ensure the baby can recognize the scent when using it.

      Product measurement may varies up to 2 cm

      Package comes in retail pack which include:

      Pillow option:

      • 1 x Husk pillow with zipper inner-case.
      • 1 x Pillow Case

      OR Pillowcase option:

      • 1 x Pillow Case

      Fabric content: 100% cotton

      Product of Singapore